Brigadier-General Raymond Brutinel and the Motor Machine Gun Brigades

This exhibition is the remarkable story of a remarkable man. After serving on one of the last sailing ships, the young Brutinel joined the French Military. When the Frist World War began, he served in the Canadian Forces, creating the Motor Machine Gun Brigade which he tirelessly championed as a new tactical force in modern warfare. His brigade played a vital role in many crucial battles. The exhibition is on display from September 9 - November 16.

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Learning & Discovery: Aboriginal Programs

The Musée Héritage Museum offers curriculum-based programs for all grade levels in areas of Aboriginal and historic content. Our programs focus on history and St Albert, natural history or individualized programs that are created to meet individual classroom needs based on curriculum standards and expectations.

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Archives: genealogical research

Our Métis Genealogy has many of St. Albert’s Métis families listed and is available for viewing at the museum’s public access computer. The museum also has Gail Morin’s Métis Families which contains information on Métis families across North America.

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